What hospitals can learn from the Ritz (via Management and Career)

Apparently I’m not the only one looking at how we can do things differently in healthcare. On the surface, the efforts at Henry Ford West are very inspiring. However, in this article at least, I find the dots are poorly connected between the obvious costs associated with this approach to healthcare and their simplistic explanation as to why this will work. Cobblestone streets and cooking demonstration may nominally improve the health of the surrounding community but the decision to build this medical Shangrila were motivated by other factors. Bloomfield Hills offers a notably more profitable payer mix than inner city Detroit where the original Henry Ford Hospital is located. I can hardly blame them for expanding into this more lucrative market. In fact, you could argue that the only way to save the mothership was to build this satellite hospital. The resulting cost shifting and expansion into new payer classes should not be ignored simply because the lobby looks nice and the food tastes good.

What hospitals can learn from the Ritz Henry Ford Health System’s newest hospital, a $360-million facility with all private rooms, concierge service, and indoor farmer’s market is a radical, risky move for health care. But it just might be a logical one too. By William C. Taylor, contributor (ManagementInnovationeXchange) — Not long ago, I was in the audience at a symposium organized by the leaders of the Henry Ford Health System, a $4-billion-a-year health-and-hospital company based … Read More

via Management and Career


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